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R. Paul Godfrey Family &Friends
Dominican Republic

Welcome to the Bavarro Princess Hotel
This is a beautiful entrance to a sunny paradise

Julia the Mermaid by the Pool

A toast to you from the Gourmet Licey Restaurant
The Wine, The food, The service....wonderful!

Julia and Paul on a fun horseback ride
This is included free in the VIP pkg

Relaxing by the pool everyday for 10 days - luv it
Note: top rt hand corner....massage tent, free with VIP pkg

Julia and a Spider Monkey
They also have parrots and snakes if you wish????

Oo La La Paul & The Showgirl!

The clean beach looking out to the point
Julia walked all the way to the point on her daily walk

Maria...our favorite "lady of the Bar"
Maximo was super too!

Reality...Welcome Home To Laundry!
And so ends 10 super days of sun & fun in Punta Cana D.R.


We booked the VIP package which entitles you to Horseback riding, a massage and a person to book all your restaurants in one sitting and attend quickly to any problems you may have. We booked the restaurants in about 15 minutes. Otherwise you fight on the phone or wait in long lineups to book the restaurants. Alexandra the Concierge was wonderful, friendly and efficient.

This was our 4th time to D.R. The beaches at Punta Cana are superior to Puerta Plata.