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R. Paul Godfrey Family &Friends
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Peterborough Canoes

Walter Walker and Peterborough Canoes

Walter Walker Paddling at Lakefield On Lake Katchawanooka

This photo recreates the 1995 reprint of a 1929 Peterborough Canoe Catalogue by Roger MacGregor and published by Plumsweep Press of Lansdowne, Ontario Canada. It is available from the Canadian Canoe Museum Bookstore in Peterborough. (see links)

Cover of 1929 Peterborough Canoe Catalogue

Paul Godfrey (right) with Master Canoe Builder Walter Walker at the Peterborough Heritage Canoe Festival held at the Peterborough Lift Lock in 1989. Walter a youthful 95 continues to build canoes and make paddles and is the subject of a video WALTER WALKER ~ MASTER CANOE BUILDER available at the Canadian Canoe Museum. (see links)

Paul Godfrey with Master Canoe Builder ~ Walter Walker

Below...a cedar canvas covered Peterborough 'Algonquin' canoe at the London Canoe Club ... a treasure to paddle!

Paul in his 1935 Peterborough 'Algonquin'

Relaunch day ~ September 6, 2001 at the London Canoe Club. Photo by Julia Godfrey

Wooden Canoe crafted by Master Canoe Builder Walter Walker of Lakefield, Ontario Canada

It is easy to see why Walter Walker is an Inspiration to Canoe Builders and enthusiasts. Walter is one of the last living foremen of the Peterborough Canoe Company that dates back to 1879. Recently he built a wide board canoe with Master Builders Fred Forester, Ted Moores, and Ron Squires at the Canadian Canoe Museum workshop.

(below) This 1935 Peterborough First Grade "Algonquin" Canvas Covered Cruiser Model, Serial Number (16 Serial 2854) is 16 feet long, been 33 inches, depth 12 inches and weights 65 pounds. It has a keel 1 3/4" wide by 7/8". The ribs are 1 1/4" apart and the bottom is rounder than a Peterborough Canadien model. The Algonquin sold for $80 in 1935. This canoe was taken in a trade in by Ken and Elsie Fisher, founder of Nova Craft Canoes (see links) It was rebuilt and canvas covered by Master Canoe Builder Bob Ramsay of Strathroy, Ontario and purchased by Paul from friends Cindy and George Payne. It is a fast paddler and very maneuverable. Note: the gunwale line is straighter in this model and is lowered at bow and stern, offering less wind resistance.

1935 Peterborough 'Algonquin' Canoe

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