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R. Paul Godfrey Family &Friends
Days Gone By

Photos Of Friends along the Way.

Paul, 2nd from right Presents 3 Dog Nite with their Gold Records at the O'Keefe

Paul & 3DogNite

The Bee Gee's Presented with Gold Records by M.C. Paul Godfrey at the O'Keefe Centre

Paul presents Bee Gee's with Gold Records at the O'Keefe

Neil Sedaka at CNE

Paul Godfrey MC's the Neil Sedaka Concert at C.N.E.

THE IMPALAS Lakefield Town Hall 'Teen Town' Dance
Rod Dickson, Paul, Randy Kemp, Bob Robertson 1962

CFTR's Paul Godfrey, Sam A&Rman and Kelly J
Lt Kelly J. Fordham of Crowbar. Photo by Julia Godfrey

Tonya Lee Williams 2nd from left with Paul Godfrey on CITY TV Boogie Dance Show

Tonya Lee Williams 2nd from Left, Now Star of 'Young & The Restless with Paul Godfrey On CITY TV's Boogie Dance Show

Roy Orbison at El Macombo

Roy Orbison with CFTR's Paul Godfrey at El Macombo

Helen Ready and Paul Godfrey

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