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Welcome to the World of a Canoe maker, Paddle carver, Woodworker and Dreamer....NEW ON THIS PAGE Paul's Stock Car Driving Photo's and...a 14 foot 'plywood canoe'...have a look!!!! See bottom of page.

Paul paddling above St. Mary's Ontario in his Peterborough Canoe

Paul's Peterborough "Canadien" model canoe built to Ted Moore's plan in the book CanoeCraft. This canoe was launched October 30, 1994 and Christened 'Desiderata'

Paul's 16 ft Peterborough & hand carved paddle

In January 2002 Paul started building a 14 foot Chris Kulczycki 'Sassafrass' style canoe from a plan in a book called: "THE CANOE SHOP"

Building a plywood canoe????
I started in January 2002...its now July

Launch Day "MaryAlice"
14 Foot MaryAlice launch
14 Ft Sassafras Plywood Stitch & Glue Canoe

"MaryAlice" on an even keel October 2002
"MaryAlice" adapts to the Thames River
Total material costs came in at under $500.00

Rebuilt this 1966 Honda in 1983

1966 Checker Flag Raceway Windsor Ont. Before
This is before the Demolition Derby
Paul's LUCKY7 stock car after race
And so ends a stock car career!

Go placidly amid the noise & haste & remember what peace there may be in silence...from the Desiderata, and name of Paul's 16 ft Peterborough Canoe

2nd prize - Triple 'C' Carvers Show

Seats completed on 14 foot plywood CLC canoe
Installing seats & gunnels
note: wire every 6 inches along each plank to be taken out after filling groove with epoxy glue.

Why would you park a car in place of 3 canoes?
The Legend of MaryAlice
16ft Peterborogh Stripper-MaryAlice-1935 Peterborough 16ft Algonguin model

Mary Alice Plaque on canoe

Note the nameplate mid-canoe...there you will find the name - Mary Alice. "MaryAlice" (McIlmoyle)Clinton was born in 1931 and raised north of Peterborough Ontario. She married at age 16 to Stan Clinton and had a son Charles soon after. At age 18 she was stricken with Tuberculosis and was sent to the London Sanitorium on Sanitorium Road London, Ontario where she died in the terrible TB epidemic. The name Charles became Robert Paul as I was adopted 4 years after her death. "MaryAlice" was - is and always will be my mother. The canoe was launched not 5 minutes from where she breathed her final breath.

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